Indoor device of air conditioner



(57)【要約】 【課題】天井取付けタイプであって、フィルタのロング ライフ化を図り、フィルタ交換作業の頻度を低下させて 労力の軽減を図れる空気調和機の室内ユニットを提供す る。 【解決手段】天井裏Wに配置され、吸込み口33と吹出 し口25とを有し、この吸込み口と吹出し口との間の通 風路Sに室内熱交換器27や送風機28などを収容する ユニット本体21と、このユニット本体の下面部として 構成される化粧パネル24と、この化粧パネルに開閉自 在に嵌め込まれたフィルタ取付け部24bと、このフィ ルタ取付け部の上記吸込み口と室内熱交換器との間の通 風路に設けられ、フィルタ29を上記室内熱交換器の取 付け角度と略平行となるように、かつ着脱自在に支持す るフィルタ支持部1とを具備した。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To expand an area of a filter and extend a life of an indoor device of an air conditioner by a method wherein there is provided a filter supporting section for supporting the filter at an air passage between an air suction port and an indoor heat exchanger substantially in parallel with a fixing angle of the indoor heat exchanger and in a removable manner. SOLUTION: Since a filter 29 is arranged to be substantially in parallel with an indoor heat exchanger 27, it is possible to form the filter 29 in such a manner that its area is substantially the same as a heat exchanging area of the indoor heat exchanger 27. With such an arrangement as above, the area of the filter 29 becomes larger than that of a suction port 33. In the case that the filter 29 is to be replaced with another filter, a filter ascending to descending switch of a remote controller is turned ON (depressed), an opening or closing driving mechanism 35 is driven to pull down a wire, resulting in that a filter fixing section 24b at its free end is rotated in a downward direction to release a circumferential end frame 24a and a central panel 24c, respectively.




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