Handrail for stairs



(57)【要約】 【目的】 途中で分断しない階段用の手摺の提供、組立 の容易化、部品点数の削減、在庫種類の削減、継ぎ手と 手摺との固定の容易化、作業の容易化、コスト削減。 【構成】 階段の壁面2等の固定部に固定した手摺本体 3と、前記階段に対して屈曲して昇降方向の相違する他 方の階段の壁面2等の固定部に固定した手摺本体3とか らなるものにおいて、前記一方の手摺本体3と他方の手 摺本体3との間に継ぎ手5を設け、該継ぎ手5は前記一 方の手摺本体3に固定の一方側継ぎ手体31と他方の手 摺本体3に固定の他方側継ぎ手体32とを互いに回転自 在に連結部材46により連結した階段用の手摺。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a handrail for stairs free of interruption on the way, with which it is practicable to facilitate assembly, decrease the number of component parts and items in stock, facilitate fixation of a joint to handrail, make easy execution of works, and reduce the costs. SOLUTION: A handrail for stairs is composed of a body 3b fixed to a fixation part such as a wall surface 2 of stairs and another handrail body 3c fixed to a fixation part such as the wall surface 2 of other stairs having different go-up/go-down directions upon bending from the first named stairs. Between the two handrail bodies 3b and 3c, a joint 5 is furnished, whose one-side joint element 31 is fixed to the handrail body 3c and other-side joint element 32 is fixed to the other handrail body 3b, and these joint elements 31 and 32 are coupled together by a coupling member 46 with possibility of rotating independently of each other.




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