Ignition timing control device for engine and control device for engine



(57)【要約】 【課題】 エンジン1のクランク角信号SGT1の立上 がり状態を検出して点火コイル45に通電し、クランク 角信号SGT1の立下がり状態で点火コイル45への通 電を遮断し、その電気エネルギーを点火プラグ43に放 電して各気筒2の点火を行うとともに、エンジン1の逆 転検出時に点火の実行を禁止する場合に、そのエンジン 1の逆転検出時、点火コイル45に点火のための電気エ ネルギーがチャージされたまま放置されてその劣化が生 じるのを防止しながら、エンジン1の逆転に伴うバック ファイヤの発生を防止する。 【解決手段】 エンジン1のクランク軸7の逆転が検出 されかつ点火コイル45に点火のための電気エネルギー がチャージされたときには、逆転に伴う次のクランク角 信号SGT1の立上がり状態で爆発行程直後の気筒2の 点火プラグ43に放電するようにする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To avoid being left as it is while an electricity accumulating means is still charged with electric energy by discharging this to a spark plug of an unburnt air-fuel mixture nonexistent cylinder when the electricity accumulating means is charged with electric energy for ignition after reverse rotation of a rotary shaft is detected. SOLUTION: When reverse rotation is caused after starting current-carrying to an ignition coil 45 in the middle of a compression stroke of a cylinder 2 of an engine 1, since the ignition coil 45 is already charged when this reverse rotation is judged, when a rising condition of a crank angle signal is detected by a continuance of the reverse rotation, current-carrying to the ignition coil 45 is cut off, and a secondary current is discharged to a spark plug 43 of the cylinder 2 having order of an intake stroke just before the cylinder 2. Afterwards, since the ignition coil 45 is not charged, even if current-carrying cutoff operation to the ignition coil 45 is performed when a rising condition of a crank angle signal is detected by a continuance 6f the reverse rotation, a high voltage secondary current is not discharged to the spark plug 43 of the cylinder 2. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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