Liquid crystal device and its drive method



(57)【要約】 【課題】 簡単な構造で十分な液晶素子の温度補償を行 うことのできる液晶装置及び液晶装置の駆動方法を提供 する。 【解決手段】 制御手段105にて液晶素子101の温 度を検知する温度検知手段102,108からの温度情 報に基づき、液晶素子101の温度が所定の温度範囲を 有する複数の温度領域のどの温度領域に属するかを判断 する一方、一対の基板間に挟持している液晶を駆動させ る駆動電圧を発生する駆動電圧発生手段104を制御 し、温度が属する温度領域の駆動電圧が他の温度領域と 異なる所定の一定電圧となるようにして液晶素子101 の温度補償を行うようにする。また、制御手段105に より、駆動電圧に応じた大きさの駆動信号を発生する駆 動信号発生手段103a,103bを制御し、温度領域 内で温度に応じて駆動信号のパルス幅を変化させるよう にして液晶素子101の温度補償を行うようにする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid crystal device and its drive method capable of sufficiently performing temp. compensation of a liquid crystal element with a simple structure. SOLUTION: The temp. compensation of the liquid crystal element 101 is performed, to which temp. area among plural temp. areas having prescribed temp. ranges the temp. of the liquid crystal element 101 belongs, is judged based on temp. information by temp. detecting means 102, 108, and on the other hand, a drive voltage generation means 104 generating a drive voltage driving a liquid crystal held between a pair of substrates is controlled, and the drive voltage of the temp. range to which the temp. belongs, becomes a prescribed fixed voltage different from other temp. ranges, and further, drive signal generation means 103a, 103b generating a drive signal of a size according to the drive voltage are controlled by the control means 105, and the pulse width of the drive signal is changed according to the temp. in the temp. range.




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