Packet retransmission method and packet transmitter-receiver



(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来のパケット再送方法では、伝送効率が低 いという問題点があったが、本発明では、バースト誤り が発生しても、効率よくパケットを伝送できるパケット 再送方法及びパケット送受信装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 CPU12が受信部14からパケットを 再送すべき要求の入力を受けると、メモリ15に格納さ れているインターバルパターンを読み出して、当該パタ ーンに従って、特定のインターバル毎に特定の回数だけ 再送すべきパケットを送信部13を介して送信出力する パケット再送方法及びパケット送受信装置である。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To perform transmission with a small retransmission number even when a burst error is generated during retransmission, to perform other packet transmission during an interval period and to improve a packet retransmission effect by transmitting a packet to be retransmitted by the prescribed number of times at a prescribed interval. SOLUTION: A CPU 12 receives the reproduction request signals of a specified packet from a reception part 14, reads an interval pattern from a memory and sets an interval number to a first register and the retransmission number to a second register. Then, the CPU 12 reads the address of the retransmission packet from the memory 15, outputs it to a transmission part 13, reduces the retransmission number stored in the second register and ends a processing when it becomes '0'. Also, when both of the first and second registers are not '0', the CPU 12 reads the address of the packet to be transmitted next from the memory 15 from a buffer 11, outputs it to the transmission part 13 and reduces the interval number stored in the first register. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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