Production of steel material



(57)【要約】 【課題】 熟練した品質設計者を必要とすること無く、 簡単に注文者の要求に対応することが出来るような鋼板 の出鋼成分及び製造条件を決定する。 【解決手段】 (a)製造条件の決定方法として、注 文の品質要求を「鋼材が必要とする要求特性値」に展 開。次に要求特性値毎に対応する「スラブ特性値」に 展開し、スラブ特性値項目毎に上位集約で合成。次に スラブ特性値毎に対応する「製造条件」に展開し製造条 件項目毎に上位集約で合成し製造命令を決定する。 (b)出鋼成分の決定方法として、上記「要求特性 値」毎に成分元素値を求める。成分値からCEQ式を 決定。許容強度範囲及び圧延温度範囲からCEQ式を 用い出鋼CEQを決定。出鋼CEQを基に成分工程能 力から出鋼成分を決定する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To determine the steel production component and production conditions of steel plate to easily deal with the request of ordering person without requiring any skilled quality designer. SOLUTION: As a method for determining the production conditions, the quality request of order is developed to 'request characteristic value required for a steel material'. Next, it is developed to 'slab characteristic value' correspondent for each request characteristic value and synthesized for each slab characteristic value item by high-order summarization. Next, it is developed to 'production conditions' correspondent for each slab characteristic value and synthesized for each production condition item by high-order summarization and a production instruction is determined. As a method for determining the steel production component, a component element value is found for each 'request characteristic value'. Next, a CEQ expression is determined from the component value. Afterwards, a steel production CEQ is determined from an allowable strength range and drawing temperature range while using the CEQ expression and based on the steel production CEQ, the steel production component is determined from component process ability. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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