Base isolation device for light load



(57)【要約】 【課題】 荷重支持能力が高く、水平バネ性能及び減衰 率を自由に設定できる軽量用免震装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】 ベアリングにかけた与圧により長尺の第 1部材10に沿う第2部材11の移動に抵抗が付与され ている直動ベアリングを、上下方向で直交させて配置す ると共に上下の第2部材11,11相互(第1部材1 0,10相互)を一体化して形成された振動減衰機構1 と、前記振動減衰機構1を構成する第2部材11を第1 部材10の中程に移動復帰せしめるバネ要素2とを具備 し、上側の第1部材10(第2部材11)は構造物に、 下側の第1部材10(第2部材11)は地盤側基礎体 に、それぞれ取り付けられるものとしてある。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a base isolation device which is high in load supporting capacity and is capable of freely setting horizontal spring performance and a damping factor. SOLUTION: The device is provided by arranging linear bearings in which resistance is imparted to the movings of second members 11 along long first members 10 by preload applied to the bearing by being orthogonally crossed in the vertical directions and with a vibration damping mechanism formed by mutually integrating upper and lower second members 11, 11 (first members 10 each other) and sping elements for moving and restoring the second members 11 constituting the vibration damping mechanism in the middle of the first members 10. The first members 10 (the second members 11) on the upper side and the first members 10 (second members 11) on the lower side are mounted on a structure and a ground side base body, respectively.




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