Seat device of rear two-wheel tricycle



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the seat device of a rear two-wheel tricycle which can maintain the arms of a rider in an easy posture, in the stopping time. SOLUTION: A rear two-wheel tricycle 1 is provide with a seat device 12 with a seat back 14, and wheels 10 driven by the pedaling power. In this case, arm rests 15 are provided at the left side and the right side of the seat back 14, and at least at one side of the arm rests 15, an article housing chamber 28 having a lid 31 which is formed to open and close freely through hinges 30 is provided. The hinges 30 of the lid 31 are provided close to the outer sides of the arm rests 15, and the article housing chamber 28 is set to open, close to the seating rider 16.
(57)【要約】 【課題】停車時に腕を楽な姿勢で維持できる後二輪自転 車の座席装置を提供するにある。 【解決手段】背凭れ14付きの座席装置12を有し、踏 力により車輪10が駆動される後二輪自転車1におい て、背凭れ14の左右に肘掛15を設け、これらの肘掛 15の少なくとも一方にヒンジ30を介して開閉自在に 形成された蓋31を有する物品収納室28を設ける一 方、蓋31のヒンジ30を肘掛15の外側寄りに設け、 物品収納室28が着座した運転者16寄りに開口するよ うに設定したものである。




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