Fence post

柵 柱


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fence post having high safety in which when a post body is stored, the tip of a toe is prevented from being caught between an umbrella-shaped member and a cover body. SOLUTION: A case member 30 and a projecting body 31 are provided at the lower part of a post body 11 and a receiving hole member 32 is disposed at the bottom of an outer cylinder 10. If the body 11 is caused to fall down, since the tip of the body 31 is not aligned with a receiving hole 70 of the member 32, the tip of the body 31 hits a portion of the member 32 other than the hole 70. And the body 31 is pushed toward the axial direction by the impact so that it is moved from a second position in which it is shallowly inserted into the member 30 to a second position in which the body 31 is inserted deeply into the member 30. Further the body 31 bounds and returns to a vertical posture being a stable posture at the first position and is inserted into the member 32. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 柱体11を収納する時に、傘様部材16と蓋 体12の間に爪先を挟むことが無く、安全性の高い柵柱 を開発する。 【解決手段】 柱体11の下部にケース部材30及び突 起体31が設けられ、外筒10の底には受け穴部材32 が配されている。柱体11を落下させると、突起体31 の先端と、受け穴部材32の受け穴70とは一致せず、 突起体31の先端は、図5の様に受け穴70以外の部分 と衝突する。そして衝撃によって突起体31は、軸方向 に押され、ケース部材30に浅く挿入された状態たる第 二位置からケース部材30に深く挿入された状態たる第 一位置に移動する。さらに突起体31はバウンドし、突 起体31は第一位置での安定姿勢たる垂直姿勢に戻り、 受け穴部材32に挿入される。




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