Horizontal overshoot



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to use a drill rod having protrusions on inner walls by attaching a latch with hinges in an opening manner to a latch case connected through a valve device to a spacer penetrated in a detachable manner into a cylinder to be fitted at the tip of a piston unit. SOLUTION: A cylinder to be fitted 24 of a first piston piston body at the base end side equipped with an eye plug 23b is connected to a fitting cylinder 23 of the second piston body 21, a cylinder to be fitted 24 of the second piston body 21 is connected to the fitting cylinder 23 of a third piston body 21, and a spacer 60 is connected to the cylinder to be fitted 24 of the third piston body, and a valve device 30 is coupled to a latch case 41. Connection between respective cylinder 24 to be fitted and fitting cylinder 23 or the spacer 60 can be easily detached or attached by putting the head portion of a bolt 23 in and out from a Z-shaped groove 25, and the number of cylinders connected can be easily changed. Also, by changing the outer shape of the spacer 60, even a piston body 21 with a different diameter can be also utilized. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 略水平に削孔して地盤中のコアを採取するた めのワイヤラインサンプリング装置で使用される水平用 オーバショットは、ドリルロッドの内径側にねじ接手部 等の凹凸があると使用できなかったので、凹凸があって も使用できる水平用オーバショットを提供する。 【解決手段】 所定長さのピストン体21の複数本を軸 方向係脱可能に接続して1本のピストンユニット20を 形成し、これにバルブ装置30を介して、ラッチ41と これに開閉可能に枢着されたラッチ42とから成るキャ ッチャを接続する。




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