Case attaching device for suture needle for operation



(57)【要約】 【課題】 縫合針とケースとの間の手術糸が余分に食み 出すことを防止できる手術用縫合針のケース取付装置を 提供する。 【解決手段】 針止め部73に縫合針Nを止めた後、手術 糸Sの先端側をケース51内に戻す糸戻し手段201 を設け る。この糸戻し手段201 は、開閉手段により開閉し手術 糸Sの先端側を挟む一対のローラたる押えローラ203 , 204 と、押えローラ204 を回転駆動する電動モータと、 それら一対の押えローラ203 ,204 を移動する移動手段 を備える。縫合針Nを自動的に止めるために手術糸Sの 先端側は所定長さだけケース51外に食み出すが、その手 術糸Sの先端側をケース51内に戻すことができる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a case attaching device for suture needle for operation that can prevent excessive protrusion of a suture between the suture needle and a case. SOLUTION: A thread return means 201 is provided to return the tip side of a suture S into a case 51 after a suture needle is retained at a needle stop part 73. The thread return means 201 has press rollers 203 and 204 as a pair of rollers, which are opened or closed by an opening-closing means to pinch the tip side of the suture S, an electric motor, which drives the press roller 24 to rotate and a moving means to move a pair of the press rollers 203 and 204. As the suture needle is automatically retained, the tip side of the suture S is protruded outside the case 51 by a specified length but can be returned into the case 51. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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