Laminated resonator, laminated dielectric filter and method for adjusting resonance characteristic of laminated dielectric filter



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To miniaturize a coaxial resonator and to adjust the resonance frequency of the coaxial resonator and connection between the coaxial resonators by performing constitution by a via formed almost vertically to a dielectric layer inside a laminated body and a side face ground electrode formed on a side face parallel to the via conductor. SOLUTION: This laminated resonator is constituted of the via 13 formed almost vertically to the dielectric layer inside the laminated body 12 in which the dielectric layer is laminated and the side face ground electrode 14 formed on the side face parallel to the via conductor 13. Thus, the coaxial resonator of a 1/2 wavelength is attained by a simple structure, the non-continuous part of the characteristic impedance of a coaxial line part constituted of the via 13 is eliminated and the decline of the Q of the coaxial resonator is not generated by non-matching of impedance. Also, since just the via conductor 13 is formed inside the laminated body 12, the diameter of the via 13 is enlarged, a current route cross section is widened and thus, also the decline of the Q of the coaxial resonator is prevented.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 同軸型積層共振器を用いた積層誘電体フィル タにおいては、同軸型積層共振器にインピーダンスの不 連続が生じるためにQ値が低下していた。 【解決手段】 誘電体層が積層された積層体79の内部に ほぼ垂直に形成されたビア導体80と、側面グランド電極 81と、主面グランド電極82・83と、ビア導体80に接続さ れた開放端電極84とからなる積層共振器を複数個配設し た積層誘電体フィルタ78により、インピーダンスの不連 続部分によるインピーダンスの不整合の発生をなくして Q値の低下を抑制し、かつ小型化を図ることができた。




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